Non-complying or non – conforming products have the potential to pose significant safety risks leading to death, injury and of course, costly product recalls.

We work with manufacturers, Importers, Government Departments, Fire Departments, and Electrical Safety Regulators to assess product defects that have caused safety issues for humans including incorrect operation, electrocution, and fire. Our expertise with compliance standards and product assessments are the skills necessary to perform these tasks. Assessments have included Household Appliances, Power Supplies and Battery Chargers, Toys and lighting products.

Non-conforming or defective products are deviations from standards, specifications, or from you or your customer expectations. Products may comply with the standards or regulations, but not meet the quality or design expectations.

Non-conformance can be classified as critical, major or minor and although the product may not pose a safety or compliance problem, it may be posing a customer dissatisfaction problem, this can be due to variations from the original design or simply lifecycle issues.

Comtest has been at the forefront of compliance testing and auditing for over 20 years and we understand that quality assurance extends far beyond the initial stage of getting your product tested and certified for sale.

To help ensure the ongoing compliance and conformance of your products, we will work with you to develop a plan.

    Our services include:

  • Compliance testing (to the relevant Standards and your specifications)
  • Gap analysis, auditing and verifying documents and approvals
  • Flammability testing
  • Pre-purchase testing and/or assessment
  • Random inspection audits
  • Batch testing (in-line with accepted standards or to your requirements)
  • Functionality/life cycle testing

We offer a full range of services through our network of accredited laboratories both onsite and in the laboratory. Test reports can be fully accredited test reports or non-accredited reports to your requirements.