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EMC Testing

All electric or electronic devices transmit and also receive electromagnetic waves that can potentially cause interferences with other electronic or electrical equipment.

Electronic devices have to adhere to EMC guidelines and must bear the appropriate marking (In Australia this is the RCM, in Europe the CE mark for example).

Anyone wanting to bring such products onto the market has to comply with these requirements.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing We Provide

While Comtest Laboratories does not have EMC or RF Test Facilities in-house, we offer EMC and RF compliance testing through our strategic partners located in Melbourne, Sydney, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Israel, USA, and Europe.

We will manage the samples and all the necessary action to have your device tested in the most suitable location.

  • EMC Testing

    • Emission testing
    • Immunity testing
    • Wireless product testing
    • Zigbee
    • Bluetooth
    • IOT
    • CE EMC Directive (Europe)
    • FCC (Federal Communications Commission) USA
    • GB Standards for CCC (China Compulsory Certification)
    • Industry Canada: Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada Registered
    • and more

As a global service provider, we offer a flexible, professional service to help you meet the requirements of each region or country. We can organise for testing to be conducted in Australia or for multiple locations around the World.