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View our complete NATA Scope of Accreditation for Calibration

We are experts when it comes to equipment calibration, we have been testing and calibrating electronic devices for over 30 years.

Utilizing our high-precision testing standards in our temperature regulated laboratory environment, we can calibrate your electronic equipment quickly and to a high level of accuracy.

We are NATA accredited to calibrate ‘Indicating and Recording Instruments’ such as digital multimeters, LCR meters, frequency analysers, and oscilloscopes.

This is especially relevant to equipment importers (pre and post delivery) and other laboratories whose business relies upon highly accurate measuring equipment.

  • Calibration equipment we test

    • Multimeters
    • D.C Voltmeters
    • A.C Voltmeters
    • Ammeters
    • Ohmmeters
    • LCR Meters
    • Frequency Analysers
    • Waveform Measuring Instruments (including Oscilloscopes)
    • and more