As the availability of electrical energy is becoming limited, governments around the world are implementing energy efficiency and standby power requirements for electrical products.

Schemes implemented in Australia to reduce energy usage include:
Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)
Victorian Government VEET scheme (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target)
NSW ESS IPART (Energy Saving Scheme – Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal).

Comtest Laboratories is a member of the Australian Government GEMS Compliance Audit Panel for Consumer Electronics and IT Equipment.

Our Services include:

  • Energy Efficiency assessment of In-Home Displays for Victoria and NSW
  • Power consumption testing inc LCP ( lamp circuit power )
  • GEMS and MEPS testing for computers, monitors, televisions and power supplies
  • GEMS Registration
  • Smart Power Boards (Energy Saving) for VEET and IPART (including testing)